Nannying, how hard could it be?

Simone is delighted when she lands a job as a nanny for affluent Sydney couple Trevor and Tracey King. Suddenly surrounded by wealth beyond her wildest dreams, Simone wonders how Trevor earns the enormous sums of money that fund their lavish lifestyle. It’s a far cry from her daily struggle to scrape together enough money to keep an aggressive debt collector at bay.

In the face of ever changing and increasingly bizarre demands from Tracey, Simone battles to keep the job long enough to pay off her debt. But with each passing day she becomes more and more immersed in the childrens’ lives until she can’t imagine ever saying goodbye to the special little people who have come to mean so much to her.

Cash Cow is a peek into the private lives of the rich and heinous, showing how they treat their own offspring and the hired help.

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